Published at the exhibition “Orientations. Young Swiss Architects at the Swiss Architecture Museum, Basel”, this pamphlet is the outcome of a survey carried out by Bureau A (CH) and Bur∅ (UA). The study compiles correspondence, images, an essay, and plans that reference the transitory architecture built during the siege of Maidan Square in Kiev. As beacons of resistance, city squares have acquired iconic status for political claims, where many temporary autonomous areas changed and challenged the ruling authoritarian regimes.

Maïdan Survey 2014 11.05.2015
Bureau A (CH), Bur∅ (UA) | ISBN 978-2-940409-75-4
Essay: Daniel de Roulet | English Translation: Simon Thomas
Photography: Sergey Ferley | Design: NORM
Softcover | 48 pages | 36 illustrations | 140 x 210 mm
Offset, 2nd printing | CHF 15 / $ 15

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