Tom Wasmuth’s editorial work is rather unknown. Most fanzines he published with “Instant Editions” were directly sent to galleries. Through the leaflets that he designed and produced, he had an unapologetic relationship with the concept of originality. This facsimile is a copy of a fanzine published in 1977 that featured Fluxus sculptures and objects by Laurence Whitfield, such as “Cosmic Head, Architectural Foots, Kentucky Orange Peel Spectacles”, Minuit Moins le Quart (Lichtenstein’s Message)”, and “Portrait sculpture de Kurt Schwitters”. A handwritten letter sent to Pablo Stähli, drafted at a meeting between Tom and Laurence at Château de Ravenal before leaving for Reykjavik concludes this previously unpublished material.

Laurence Whitfield
Tom Wasmuth & Laurence Whitfield | 09.10.2014
Softcover | 48 pages | 33 illustrations | 210 x 297 mm
Xerox print, First Edition | ISBN 978-2-940409-70-9
Out of Print