Publishing a book is in many ways similar to curating a show. “The Split Show” is the outcome in this idea – a collective group book works. The basic idea was to ask artists to create a recto/verso 72 x 102 cm poster. Once folded, this format becomes a 24-page folio.

“Embodied Truth” compiles a series of images exhibited by Susanne Bürner at Galerie Nourbakhsch, Berlin. The artist’s installation consists of a projection, objects and images that document historical discoveries in psychology and hypnosis. A poster is the first folio (24 pages) of the book “The Split Show”.

“Le poème de l’angle droit” (the right angle’s poem) is a compilation of photographs by Derek Sullivan of his own work. The artist puts a filter between his work and the camera. The famous perfume bottle of Chanel N. 5 is used as a screen for presenting his work. “Le poème de l’angle droit” was shown at the One Twenty Gallery in Ghent for Derek Sullivan’s first eponymous solo exhibition.

“Untitled” by Aloïs Godinat presents the artist’s compositions made up of superimposed invitation cards for exhibition openings. He covered up these artist names to create onomatopoeias that simulate a particular sound associated with a proper name. The whole makes up a media abstraction. Published on the occasion of his exhibition at the Bielefelder Kunstverein, this poster, both accurately and spontaneously improvised, refers to the freedom, as well as the self-discipline within a work that searches for reference points both beyond its conceptual fulfilment and its form.

“Total Reflection & The Critical Angle” presents “The Precious”: a series of ten drawings melted on tar paper by Jérémie Gindre between October 2007 and May 2009. A series of ten photographs of mineral enthusiasts, cut-out like crystal patterns, was printed and added to the present edition.

Marc Kremers and Thomas Eberwein founded the website as a creative response to millions of images available on the Internet. This collection of URL image links offers a semiological research on Internet’s own iconography. The poster “Melanin vs. Every images on” presents two URL exhibitions featured on their website, i.e. Marc Kremers’s “Melanin” and Olivier Laric’s “Every Image on”.

“Showing” is a series of exhibition advertisements from the late 60's to the early 80's. All aspects of the compositions are presented as-found, except the gallery and exhibition information, which has been removed with digital retouching tools by Babak Radboy.

The Split Show 04.09.2009

Susanne Bürner, Derek Sullivan, Aloïs Godinat, Jérémie Gindre,

Marc Kremers, Oliver Laric, Babak Radboy | ISBN 978-2-940409-01-3

Hardcover | 144 pages | 230 x 200 mm

Offset, First Edition | Out of Print