The Liberated Page is an international union based in Geneva, Switzerland which aims to support and promote the critical and intellectual dissemination of artists books and independent editions across the world. The book include a study by Jungle Books, Mathieu Christe (Footnotes), Edition Patrick Frey, Catherine Gottraux (Cadrat Éditions), Winfried Heininger (Kodoji Press), Adrien Horni, Philippe Karren (Sphères), Guadalupe Ruiz (Horni Ruiz), Georg Rutishauser (edition fink), Izet Sheshivari (Boabooks), Benjamin Sommerhalder (Nieves), Jan Steinbach (Edition Taube) and was made possible by the support of Pro Helvetia.

The Next Page | 15.09.2016
Softcover | 214 pages | 104 x 144 mm | ISBN 978-2-940409-93-8
Offset, First Edition | CHF 18 / $ 18

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