Formed in 2004, Perroquet tout s'écroule is an improvised-rock group whose line-up is Raphaël Julliard (guitar), Izet Sheshivari (bass), and Mathieu Walker (drums). The band’s musics isn't recorded on data carriers. This album is therefore a collection of graphic productions made by the group. It has 66 pages, of which 33 in colour, and 33 black/white, with the cover format of a 12-inch vinyl record.

Perroquet tout s’écroule sort sont premier album
Raphaël Julliard, Izet Sheshivari, Mathieu Walker | 25.01.2008
Softcover in a soft box | ISBN 978-2-940409-00-6
68 pages | 316 x 316 mm
Offset, First Edition | CHF 42 / € 30 / $ 48

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