In the book “Le vieux père”, Laurent Kropf presents a selection of reproductions from his archive of group photographs. Beyond the blatant and eloquent approach that can be associated with that of a Sunday collector, the artist’s approach, familiar with the intrinsic qualities of vintage silver prints, was not limited to choosing the book’s flatplan. He worked straight on the images by silkscreen-printing a geometric flat tint in the foreground. This compact shape reveals the figure of the old father, elaborating a dialectic between memory and memories. Ten copies feature a rolled poster cut, signed and numbered.

Le vieux père 04.11.2010
Laurent Kropf | Essays: Fabienne Radi, Sylvain Menétrey
Hardcover | 160 pages, 104 pictures | 218 x 160 mm
Offset and Silkscreen, First Edition | ISBN 978-2-940409-29-7
Out of Print