In alphabetical order is a facsimile of the seminal magazine created by Ulises Carrión and Cres, originally published in 1979. In this photographic book - one of very few of Carrion's entire practice - the author is very critical about his own affiliation with the mail art movement. The book presents a series a photographs of his calling card filing box, which the author juxtaposes with witty and poignant captions: “This book of mine is partly real facts and partly fantasy. The real fact is that I love lists of names, card indexes, information retrieval systems, that sort of thing. No wonder I have an archive at home, the Other Books and So Archive, which includes a collection of artist's books.”

In alphabetical order 18.05.2016 Ulises Carrión | ISBN 978-2-940409-94-5 Softcover | 48 pages + errata | 148 x 210 mm Offset, First Edition | CHF 28 / € 25 / $ 25

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