“Ghosts of California” is a six-folio visual album. Made of fragmented images, these micro-narratives feature various themes, such as figurative art in modern architecture photography; the representation of police violence in Hollywood crime movies; dummy design in the 1950’s store windows; and architect-targeted advertisements for building materials in nuclear plants. Operating through large zoom's within the very pattern of the images, Izet Sheshivari gets the reader physically closer to the document, leading to a pictorial exploration of themes – a romantic kind of aesthetics based on the use of an old photocopier.

Ghosts of California 18.08.2011
Izet Sheshivari | Signed and numbered 1 to 30
Hardcover | 60 pages | 210 x 297 mm
Photocopies, First Edition | ISBN 978-2-940409-45-7
Out of Print