For this new revised and updated edition enhanced with an extra section, Estéban Pages and Boabooks have chosen to publish an improved popular cosmology. Although it has taken quite some time until the “Planck” satellite allowed astrophysicists to get a clearer picture, and thanks to the “Cosmic Background Explorer” and the considerably improved “Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe”, we are now able to present four prints of the most ancient light, i.e. the first one.

COBE, 1992 WMAP, 2003 E.P. 2004-05 16.05.2013
Esteban Pagés | ISBN 978-2-940409-62-4
Softcover | 14 pages | 150 x 205 mm
Offset and Letterpress, First Edition | CHF 62 / $ 62

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