The notebook “20 leaves” assembles b/w photographs of foliage of bushes and trees. They are taken in a rather direct way, focusing on nothing else but the green. These pictures are xeroxed and smaller than the notebook format, so that they have black edges around them. The process of copying the leaves-images is reflected in the aesthetics of the notebook: greyish colour with fine lines from the Xerox machine playing with the different levels of flatness in the notebook. It is a promenade across a forest of leaves. This bloc was presented and released at German artist Susanne Bürner’ first London solo project at the South London Gallery on 10.12.2009.

20 leaves 10.12.2009
Susanne Bürner | 43 p. | 204 x 289 mm
Photocopies, First Edition | ISBN 978-2-940409-14-3
Out of Print